Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tools of Doom: Sharpie markers

A quick review of stuff I use for traditional drawing and sketching.

When I was in a high school I was a big fan of pencils. I used all kinds of them - automatic, graphite, solid graphite, charcoal. Then I discovered other media - pens and markers. I fell in love with them almost immediately and I use them all the time since then.

I prefer pens and markers over pencils because somehow they make you think quickly about the design before making a mark on the paper. Once you put a mark on the paper, it stays there, forever. Each line has a meaning. Yes, it is more difficult to get what you want and it's easier to ruin the drawing with even one bad line. But if so, you have to start a new sketch, which results in lots of design variations and there is always chance of "happy accidents". With pencils, you would just erase bad line and refine the drawing until it's done, but you end up with one design. By keeping all steps and evolution of a design, permanent media help my design process a lot.

In this first episode of Tools of Doom, I'll talk a bit about Sharpie Markers, the basic tool I use for sketching.

Sharpie Permanent Markers

1. Sanford Sharpie markers.
Sharpie's are quick drying permanent (on most surfaces) markers with awesome ink, that doesn't have that metallic gloss which other black permanent markers have. They're produced by Sanford and have Art & Creative Materials Institute certificate.

Sharpie sizes and line weights.
There are 3 sizes that I use - Ultra Fine Point, Extra Fine Point and Fine Point. Each one gives you a different line weight, so usually I combine them all while sketching. But actually you can use Ultra Fine Point for all sketch work. Extra Fine and Fine Point are good for filling larger areas with black. Sometimes I use Extra Fine Point for drawing quick thumbnail sketches like in the next photo.

Sharpie thumbnail sketches - Extra fine.
Here's a sketch using Ultra fine and Fine for heavier lines that help to indicate the form.

Sharpie thumbnail sketches (Ultra fine + Fine).

I use black Sharpies for sketching, but there are other colors available. Sometimes i use green, red or yellow for some notes and indications.

Here are a couple of more examples of Sharpie sketches.

Sharpie Ultra fine.

Sharpie Ultra fine + Fine.
Lefties (sketches with left hand) - Sharpie Ultra fine.
Quick sketch note - Sharpie Ultra fine + Fine.
Sketch note - Sharpie Ultra fine.

Since usually you can't get Sharpies in any kind of store in Poland, I have to order them from online distributor in 12 pieces packs. I use them a lot anyway and that way I always have a fresh ones on my desk.

Coming next - Copic Markers.

Monday, December 20, 2010

multi-unit residential, week 5th - floor plans and section

Long promised floor plans and section - notice that these are still in progress, so there are some mistakes I have to correct. 
Underground parking lot (-1)

Ground floor (0)

First floor (+1)

Second floor (+2)

Third floor (+3)

Fourth floor + roof garden (+4)

Section A-A

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

multi-unit residential - floor plans sneak peek

Working on floor plans. Powered by some doomCoffee.

multi-unit residential, 4th week - site plan and elevations

multi-unit residential, 4th week - urban analysis

Some urban analysis maps.

communication + function  

green plants + building height

aerial photo

multi-unit residential, 3rd week - concept art

I've made a very simple 3d model of the building in SketchUp.

Then I imported the rendered image to the Photoshop to add some little details (yes, the pic below is the same render as above, with a little overpainting and detailing ;)).

multi-unit residential, 3rd week - physical model

Some crappy photos of a quick physical model I’ve made at school, will make more detailed version for the project deadline in January.

multi-unit residential, 2nd week - first sketches

Ok, so after visiting the site I've sketched some concepts and done some test renders.


Below is my inspiration board, and as you can see, I’m kinda obsessed with stripes and with these two palette options - dark gray/black + orange or dark grey/black + white + green.

multi-unit residential, 1st week - visiting the site

First thing I did was to visit the site. With my friend and with the camera.

Panoramic view of the site. 

New building of district court. I have mixed feelings about it, but it's there and I can't do anything about it.

And here's my friend. Very mysterious.

multi-unit residential, 1st week - location and site

This is a midterm project I’m currently working on (along two other projects). The main goal is to design a 5 story high residential building with ~36 apartments (1, 2 and 3 rooms).


The site is located almost in the center of Rzeszów city (north-east side), Poland.


Property lines are in red.

Aerial photo

social expression center, September 2010

September 2010

Concept art:

And some other nice pics:

office building sketches

Some simple SketchUp renders for an office building.